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Company Info.Services.Why us?.links.Contact.Gallery.
Inter World Marketing
Advertising and Web Sites

We often find that the people who seek our help KNOW that they need to advertise, but are unsure of WHEN, HOW or WHERE.

The first thing we do is to sit down and discuss what you are trying to do, how much you want to spend and what your time frame is.

Then we make a PLAN, cost it out and put into place a system for monitoring its success.

NEXT comes the design and production of the adverts.

We book the space (and “negotiate” the price DOWN on your behalf) and only then do we run the campaign.

Signpost Advertising:

We believe that print and media advertising plays an important roll in “directing” potential customers to your web site.

Web Sites:

Designing, building and maintaining an EFFECTIVE Web Site is ESSENTIAL for just about any business today!

We work with specialist Web Authors to create sites which are designed to put YOUR BUSINESS high on the search engine rankings.

We concentrate on making your site easy to navigate and welcoming to use.