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ideas into actions
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Company Info.Services.Why us?.links.Contact.Gallery.
Inter World Marketing

Ideas have incredible value.


We specialise in working with our clients to “THINK” through each promotional requirement, creating ideas and concepts which make the most of their products, services and budget.

• photography & video

Good photography (and now video) are essential. Without good quality images press releases, literature and exhibitions are nothing. more>

• graphics, exhibitions & print

Print and graphics have never been better value for money. Good literature and promotional material does work. more>

• marketing support

To help you to plan your campaigns and launch your products. more>

What We Offer

Promotional and marketing consultancy support for small to medium sized companies which need some “Hands On” help.

• Public Relations

• Advertising & web sites

• Graphics, Exhibitions & Print

• Photography & Video

• Marketing Support

• advertising & web sites

Wisely used, advertising plays a key role in the promotion of any company. more>

• public relations

Well written press releases with good photographs are worth their weight in gold. more>