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Company Info.Services.Why us?.links.Contact.Gallery.
Inter World Marketing

Below are links to the web sites of just a few of our clients.


If you want to know what they think of our service I am sure they would be happy to tell you!

Contacts Matter

Over the many years we have been working we have built up an impressive resource of contacts who help us with all of the “additional” services we provide.  

• This saves TIME.

In stead of searching for hours for things we ALREADY KNOW where to find them.

• This saves MONEY.

Not only do we know WHO can help, we already know how good they are.

• This saves STRESS.

It also means that our clients can concentrate on what THEY DO BEST.


Leaving us to provide them with the Promotional and Marketing SUPPORT.

Word of mouth

“Blowing your own trumpet” is a great way to put people off, however, we ARE a marketing agency so I guess we should mention that ALL of our clients tend to come to us as recommendations from satisfied customers.


Good enough reason to talk to us?