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Company Info.Services.Why us?.links.Contact.Gallery.
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Public Relations

As an ex publisher I know how the media work.

They need good stories to “fill” their magazines, papers and programmes. The knack is providing material which is interesting enough to be considered AND in a form which means that it doesn’t require lots of work or editing.

The AUDIENCE matters:

Often, what clients “think” is news or a story is simply an attempt at asking the media to run a FREE ADVERT.

This is NOT P.R.

BUT, publications need stories to fill the part of their products which are not paid for adverts or commissioned articles - So a good Press Release with a good Picture stands a good chance of being printed and guess what?

The IMPACT of this story when it appears is two to three times more powerful than similar material published in an advert!

Good P.R. Stories are worth working on!

Writing Articles:

Many forms of media want “features” or “articles”. Working with you we can produce and place these to give your business a HIGH PROFILE for a small outlay.