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ideas into actions
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Company Info.Services.Why us?.links.Contact.Gallery.
Inter World Marketing

• You know how to do, but don’t have the time to do!

• You actually don’t know how to do!

• You didn’t know you needed to do!

• You didn’t think you could afford to do!

• You asked someone else to do but they messed up!

If we don’t do it ourselves we work with associates who do.

We are not a massive organisation.


BUT we work with other like minded people as a sort of a loose “Team”


SO if you need a cartoonist, we work with one, logos on clothing, no problem, in fact just about anything you can think of.


Exhibition stands, boat charter, corporate events, catering, magicians, big banners, lighting, folders, promotional gifts etc. etc. etc

> Graphic Design.

> Web Site Design & Production.

> Photography & Video.

> Marketing Support.

> Print Design & Production.

> Exhibition Design and Management.

> Writing Articles.

> Public Relations.

Our Services - well a few of them