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Inter World Marketing
Trading Terms

Here is some information about Inter World Marketing, how we work and what we cost.


My own background is briefly:-


British Leyland (engineering and car design)

Southern Gas (Publicity Manager during the conversion to natural gas)

Ian Proctor Metal Masts (8 years as Marketing Manager, responsible for world-wide operation)
during this time I helped to set up the US and Dutch affiliates

Hudson Publications (Sales & Marketing Manager for Boat Technology, Geartest & Chandler & Boatbuilder magazines) "Geartest" was a Marine version "Which", published World-wide

Mexrose Ltd. (Owner and Publisher of above magazines for 4 years)

Inter World Marketing (Owner for 25 plus years).


Inter World Marketing was established to provide a support operation for companies who, either don't have the time, size or expertise to provide it for themselves, or alternatively need help because of geographical location or cultural differences.

The latter is why we worked for companies such as Uni-Solar in the USA and helped with their marketing in Europe.


We are not a large operation, preferring to "buy in" expertise as and when we need it, although we do have enough digital and computer technology to do much general work “in house” and we also have a small photographic studio. This makes us highly flexible and enables us to keep up with new trends and techniques very easily.


As you see, we can handle most things and if we can't we have associates who can.


What we cost ..................


WE charge our services on a “day rate” (offsetable against tax) which covers:-

Contribution to Inter World Marketing office overheads.

Share of my time at Events where applicable.

Production and reasonable distribution costs of Press Releases.

Travel is charged at then national mileage rate.


Additional expenses, production costs of print and photography etc. are charged at cost,
plus a small handling fee to cover expenses incurred, but these are always agreed in advance.


Payment terms are 14 days after date of Invoice.


Current clients include:
Tek-Dek, Pump Technology, Pinacle Accounts, Ampair, Lee Sanitation, TekTanks, GMG Grease Managemet, Sillette Marine Propulsion.