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Company Info.Services.Why us?.links.Contact.Gallery.
Inter World Marketing
Why us?

We specialise in working with companies who can’t afford their own PR and marketing department, but need a little help and advice. In fact that is the phrase we most often hear “ we know we need to do some promotion, but we need HELP!”

We have a simple philosophy.

By working as part of YOUR team we ensure that we do WHAT you want, HOW you want it and to YOUR time scale.


So, we concentrate on agreeing a strategy and then working TOGETHER with our clients to make it happen.

• Writing promotional articles.

• Maximising media coverage.

• Contacts & networking

Within YOUR budget

There seems little point in creating promotional campaigns which would suit BMW for a company with twelve employees, so we tailor what we do to what will be effective for YOU.

With a clever combination of advertising and PR we can often make you look considerably bigger than you are - that’s PUBLICITY!

We have also often found that the people who ask for our help have a reasonable promotional budget, but are spending it on the WRONG things and sometimes are paying TOO MUCH for what they are buying.


Don’t worry, we can help!